Formacia company

Environment-friendly food packaging

As one of the major disposable tableware and packaging manufacturer, we offer our customers — large retail and distribution chains, wholesale and retail companies, and dining enterprises — the full range of disposable tableware and food packaging that can be directly purchased and ordered in any volume, at prices beneficial for the European market. Perfectly recyclable aluminum and paper packaging is made of the highest quality materials with the use of cutting-edge automated equipment.

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6 Reasons Why Customers Love Formacia Packaging


Uninterrupted supplies and high-grade quality guaranteed.


We always meet our commitments, and this is what we expect from our partners.

Brilliant reputation

We focus on long-term cooperation with partners and suppliers.

The customer is the key

Top-class customer service, loyalty programs, bonuses, and discounts.


We prioritize workflow automation, production innovations, research, and adherence to global trends.


Our company can quickly adapt to new conditions. Also, we set prices in rubles; any crisis or market fluctuations are not a problem for us.
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