Food production

Food production

Comprehensive packaging solutions for food production.

Demand gives birth to supply

The demand for food is met by the food industry, combining the production of finished products, semi-finished products, raw products including dairy, meat, fish, bakery, confectionery, canning and other industries.

Packaging industry

The development of this industry is important for the economic and food security of the country. Every year the indicators of introduction of the latest technologies in food production are growing. An important direction of development is also the use of improved packaging.

The activity of Formacia company is aimed at meeting the need of leading producers of beverages and food products in modern packaging . Our range includes aluminum trays and containers for pâtés and meat semi-finished products, paper forms for baking a variety of cupcakes and rolls, cups for powder products and hot drinks.

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We offer

  • Sealable aluminum trays
    Ideal for packaging of chilled meat and ready-to-cook semi-finished products.

  • Lamisters for jams and pastes
    A modern alternative to tin cans. Lightweight, durable, comfortable.

  • Aluminum casseroles
    For organization of hot meals in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, railway and air transportation.

  • Paper forms for baking
    They do not require oil lubrication. They serve as a baking container and packaging of finished products.

  • Paper cups
    Paper cups with any design for hot drinks, porridge, soups, instant vermichelli, cupcakes, etc.

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