Promotional events

Promotional events

Production and supply of disposable paper cups with customer design.

Powerful marketing tool

Paper cups are always in front of the eyes - they are several times a day in the hands of the consumer, stand on the table in the cafe, office or during the flight in the plane. Usually, without giving importance to the image on the cup first, over time the consumer understands that this logo is already familiar to him and, if necessary, makes the choice in favor of the already familiar brand.

We fulfill any request

"Formacia" company offers a full range of services for production of paper cups with the design of customers: from design development to delivery of finished products.

Our designers are real pros who will take into account all preferences and implement your idea in the best possible way. The full production cycle, including our own printing house, will allow us to complete the task in time!

The use of innovative technologies such as: the relief of the second wall, the printing on the bottom, the use of paints that change color when pouring the drink, and the application of velvety SoftTouch coating will give your cups additional competitive advantages.

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We provide a full range of services

  • Design development "from scratch" in our own design studio
  • Possibility to supply 12 designs in one tube
  • Production of 3D prototypes of cups
  • Full compliance with the design layout