Personnel policy

Personnel Policy

Formacia Company is a team of like-minded, ambitious and purposeful people. We set high goals and achieve them thanks to team efforts.

People – are the main asset of our company.

In our daily work we are guided by these basic principles:

  • we strive to achieve high results
  • we think before we do something
  • we are responsible for all our actions
  • we are passionately client-oriented
  • we create a comfortable internal environment in the company

The management of the company is focused on attracting to its team specialists and professionals, which are united by:

  • internal motivation
  • high efficiency in the work
  • a creative approach to solving problems
  • striving for professional growth

Thanks to a transparent organisational structure, each employee can explore all opportunities for career growth in the company. Development of professionals within the company is our priority, so when opening vacancies we initially consider internal candidates, and only then publish vacancies on the external market. Our HR-manager helps each employee to know their potential for further growth and development using the "360 degrees" assessment method.

When recruiting staff, first of all, we evaluate the personal qualities of the candidate and only then their professional skills. Since we understand well that experts are not born, and one becomes a specialist over time, the company's mentoring system allows new employees to adapt quickly, seeking help from an experienced mentor.

In order to improve the personal and professional development of our specialists, the company traditionally holds a variety of corporate culture events, business training, seminars and master classes. For all those who want to improve their level of knowledge of a foreign language, or start learning it from scratch, the English language is taught.

We strive to build long-term relationships both within the company and with external stakeholders.