Ready-made solutions for the organization of on-board catering for airlines of any size.

Would you have chicken or fish?

Meals on board the aircraft are one of the most important components of a pleasant flight and the level of service in general. According to some sources, there is an opinion that 70% of the passengers’ impression about the airline depends on what and how they were fed during the flight. On the other hand, the meal above the clouds is one of the entertainment available to passengers during their stay in a confined space on board the aircraft. That is why it is important that the food was not only delicious, but also beautifully decorated.

"First of all, first of all — airplanes!"

Development of cooperation with airlines is one of the key tasks of our company.
To serve passengers on board, we offer the airlines disposable aluminum containers and paper cups for hot and cold drinks.

Aluminum containers, as well as small and larger casseroles are made of lacquered foil at our factory in St. Petersburg. To increase recognition, the lid and bottom of the on-board catering container can be produced with the logo of your airline.

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Information hunger in flight

Due to the lack of Internet on board the aircraft, many of us will have the “information hunger” in which we cling to any available information. This effect of “forced reading” increases the level of advertising impact several times, which is why one of the most effective tools to increase product awareness and passenger loyalty is advertising on paper cups.

Studies show that during the flight of average duration each passenger gets at least two paper cups in the hands, regardless of his taste preferences, and this is a huge number of solvent target audience of businessmen, tourists and active mobile people.
Our company offers the supply of paper cups of various sizes from 100 to 500 ml with a bright and memorable design.

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Order cups with your own unique and memorable design.

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