For Suppliers

For Suppliers

Formacia Packaging Company is interested in long-term partnership with reliable suppliers that have an impeccable reputation in the market and meet the standards of the company.

Basic principles of co-operation in procurement

  • high quality products
  • timeliness and continuity of supply
  • price competitiveness
  • continuous optimisation of business processes
  • fair competition

In its activities, our company is guided by the principles of transparent relations and mutually beneficial co-operation.

If you are not yet our supplier, but meet all the standards and requirements of Formacia Packaging Company, we will be happy to receive a commercial offer, which you can send to our e-mail: supply@formaciapack.com.

We are open to co-operation!

The commercial offer must contain the following information:

  • company description
  • advantages of the company
  • prices (differentiated by volume)
  • terms of delivery
  • certificates, specifications and other quality documents required by law
  • comparative characteristics of the offered products with similar products on the market

Send a commercial offer