Meat Industry

Meat Industry

Complex deliveries of disposable packaging for enterprises of the meat processing sector.

Quick! Easy! Convenient!

Thanks to the manufacture material and the wide range of application temperatures from -40°C to + 280°C, aluminium containers are the ideal packaging solution for the meat industry and, in particular, the semi-finished product sector.

Market Demand

In times past, the consumer rejoiced that cooked or smoked sausage appeared on the counter. Now in the shop window you can find everything you like: cut chicken, steaks from marble beef or cut, chopped, breaded, quick-frozen products. However, with the introduction of restrictions in the industry, the demand on meat processing industry exceeds supply, and buyers are choosing more healthy and quality products, so not only major businesses, but also smaller farms are actively developing.

Сonvenience Food

Many manufacturers note that buyers show great interest in the direction of convenience food, which are ready-to-cook products that have undergone minimal processing and are packaged in sealed packaging. Such products are completely ready for cooking: you come home, simply take off the film, put the container with already pickled meat, chicken or fish in the oven, wait for 20 minutes and your family dinner is ready! Thus, you do not dirty your hands, you save time, cook fresh food in a way which preserves all the vitamins and nutrients, and its taste does not differ from home-made food.

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Aluminium Containers - A Universal Solution

Aluminium containers are convenient and multifunctional, suitable for cooking in ovens, heating in microwave ovens, and other heating devices, including outdoor flame, directly in the package.

Depending on the type of product and the customer’s needs, our company offers classic aluminium containers and aluminium foil trays suitable for packaging products in a modified gas environment.

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Application of Aluminium Containers

  • Packaging, storage and preparation of chilled or pickled meat, poultry, fish;
  • Packaging, storage and preparation of chilled semi-finished products;
  • Packaging, storage and ready-to-cook semi-finished products;
  • Packaging, storage and preparation of deep-frozen semi-finished products;
  • Packaging and storage of products cooked in retail trade networks.