Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Raw materials are the main component of the technological process of disposable packaging production. Continuous analysis of the quality of supplied raw materials allows our specialists to maintain the highest quality of our products, by optimizing the process and avoiding excessive costs appearing because of the refining of low-quality products.


Commitment to reliability

ISO 22000

For the production of our paper packaging, we use high-quality paper from the world's leading suppliers, which use exclusively eco-friendly raw materials.

All our suppliers' factories are certified according to the ISO 22000 food safety standard.

Bleached cardboard for paper cups

White cardboard

Clean and safe cardboard is produced with a bleached surface exclusively for disposable cups and other fast-food packaging.

Due to the advanced multi-layer construction of the cardboard, the cups are extra stiff, do not leak, and do not burn your hands.

The two outer layers of cardboard are made of bleached cellulose, allowing high-quality and innovative graphics of custom designs by flexographic, offset, or digital printing. It does not release any harmful substances when heated and is therefore suitable for direct food contact with a wide range of containers from coffee cups, to containers for instant cereal, ice cream, yoghurt, and a variety of bulk products.

Combining durability, high barrier properties, and optimal sealing properties, our cardboard meets the needs of the most modern and demanding brand owners and consumers.

Cardboard for PLA cups

PLA cardboard

For those who choose an eco-friendly lifestyle and care for the environment, we offer disposable paper cups made of cardboard laminated with bioplastic, which is made from cornstarch and is called PLA. PLA is produced mainly from natural materials and should be composted in special composting equipment.

Biodegradable materials

Cardboard for PLA cups is part of the group of cardboards traditionally used for packaging production, and is in no way inferior in its physical properties.

Paper baking moulds

PLA cardboard

Eco-friendly and safe heat-resistant cardboard offers the perfect combination of design, protection, and convenience for users from freezing products to cooking in ovens.

The cardboards in this range have been designed to make trays, bowls, and disposable containers to cook precooked frozen meals in their original packaging.

When used in high temperatures, the PET-coated inner layer of the cardboard offers a high degree of protection against moisture, oxygen, and grease and has good heat resistance.

Aluminium foil for containers

Formacia’s containers are made exclusively from FOOD rolled aluminium (aluminium foil), which has undergone all the necessary tests for permeation of aluminium from cookware to food. Certified aluminium foil is completely non-toxic and will never become a place for microorganisms and bacteria.

The second important aluminium characteristics is its thickness, which can vary from a few thousandths of a millimetre to several centimetres. Our aluminium containers are available in thicknesses between 30 and 120 micrometres, depending on their size. Due to the high density of the foil, the containers are resistant and will not change their shape during cooking or transportation of precooked meals.

Microwave oven compatible

Aluminium is characterised by high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, pliability, and frost resistance. Aluminium foil containers can be used between -40°C and +280°C, and in microwave ovens.