High-quality disposable paper cups for vending machines of any manufacturer and accessories for them.

Vending in the world

Vending is the sale of goods and services with the help of vending machines.
Vending in Russia is now in a phase of active development and, according to analysts, will continue to grow. Customer service with the help of vending machines takes place 24/7 and with the absence of "human factor". Without requiring large maintenance costs, installed in the right places of sale, vending machines bring huge profits, taking the lion's share from traditional points of sale.

A Cup made of paper or plastic?

One of the most common types of vending machines are those equipped for the sale of tea, coffee and other hot and cold drinks.
One of the catalysts of high sales of such drinks is the choice of the right disposable cup. Cups should not only have impeccable technical characteristics, but also meet sanitary requirements, withstand the influence of a hot drink, be convenient to use and attract the attention of buyers.

If you compare plastic cups for vending with cardboard ones, which are becoming more and more popular, then among the advantages of paper we can distinguish the following main ones:

  • A paper cup with a hot drink does not burn your hands.
  • It is more pleasant to drink from such a cup and it is convenient to hold.
  • When heated, paper does not emit harmful substances.
  • Possibility of printing (logo, own design, advertising).
  • Paper cups are recyclable.

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Paper Cups for Vending
from Formacia

Here at Formacia you can order paper cups for vending in any colour, design and size. Our cups range from 150 to 300 ml and are suitable for all kinds of machines, both European and Asian models.

Why Us?

  • Perfect delivery
  • European materials
  • Compatible with any device
  • Our own production
  • Large selection of designs
  • Shipments starting from 1 box
  • Prices without the middle-man

Cups with your Design

A paper cup is the most powerful advertising tool.

For customers who want to personalise their paper cups, we offer design development and full-colour high-quality printing in our own printing house.

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