Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Ready-made sets of eco-friendly disposable tableware for food delivery services.

Food takes shape

Our time, fortunately, does not stand still - it moves and changes life for the better, especially when it concerns comfort. More and more restaurants and services offer their customers food delivery, providing a high level of service.

Tableware for Delivery is an Important Solution

When ordering a delivery from a restaurant, the customer should be sure that the quality of the food will remain at the same high level. Therefore, good packaging is not just packaging: the food is kept in excellent condition, without losing its taste and appetising appearance. The food is as if it were just cooked.

It is important to use disposable dishes and packaging made of high quality, environmentally friendly materials. This is what Formacia offers: absolutely harmless packaging, in which you can store and transport any prepared or raw dishes.

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Solutions for Every Taste

Disposable aluminium containers make it very convenient to deliver both cold and hot food. Ready meals can be heated directly in the container in both the microwave and regular ovens without removing food from it. Unlike plastic, aluminium trays are resistant to high temperatures, do not release harmful substances into food, and do not change the taste and smell of dishes. Write the names of your customers' favourite dishes on tightly closed container lids!

For the delivery of soups, broths, cereals, ice cream, yogurt and various liquid dishes, we offer disposable paper soup bowls - a modern, elegant packaging solution. Tightly fitting lids, supplied with the soup bowls, will ensure the safety of the contents during delivery, preventing it from splashing or spilling.

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Why Us?

  • Prices direct from the manufacturer
  • Shipment sizes starting at 1 box
  • More than 500 items in the catalogue
  • Constant availability in stock
  • Flexible system of discounts
  • Development of customised solutions
  • Fast delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Ability to Stand Out

The number of establishments and services is constantly increasing, so they have to fight for the attention of customers. Branding of your products allows you to make it more attractive and memorable. Our company offers a full range of services for production of disposable packaging under the private brand of customers: from design development to the delivery of finished products. Thanks to the full production cycle: from qualified staff designers to our own printing house, we will fulfil your orders qualitatively and on time!

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