Cafes and restaurants

Cafes and restaurants

Disposable packaging for establishments of any scale - from small cafes to chain restaurants.

Restaurant business is booming around the world

One of the important factors in the development of any cafe or restaurant is the possibility of selling "“"Food for takeaway". This direction allows to increase the profits of the outlet, not serving guests at the table, and, accordingly, reducing the costs of its maintenance.

Packaging - a representation of your outlet

The choice of stylish, convenient and practical packaging is an important condition for packaging of “takeaway” dishes. Buyer ordering this service pays for the dish at the same price as he would eat it sitting at the table. Therefore, the containers you use to sell takeaway food should not be worse than the overall level of your establishment.

Use bright, eco-friendly packaging to ensure maximum safety of your dish during transportation and preserve its appearance. Add your logo to the package and create additional advertising.

Your client will become loyal if you leave the best impressions about your outlet!

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Qualitative solution of all tasks

In the assortment of “Formacia” company you will find more than 500 variants of disposable packaging for your dishes.

Disposable aluminum containers can be used not only for transportation of food, but also as utensils for heating in microwave and regular ovens. Containers can withstand temperatures up to +280C and are absolutely safe for human health.
Bright print on the covers will give additional recognition to your establishment and increase customer loyalty.

Paper baking forms will complement the appearance of the finished product and keep its freshness. The forms do not need to be lubricated with oil, which allows you to obtain additional cost savings on baking products.

Paper cups with bright design will be remembered by your guests and will create an additional mood for the drink.

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