Shopping Networks

Shopping Networks

Supply of disposable tableware and packaging for cooking departments of retail chains.

Our packaging is everywhere

Hermetically packed pickled meat, curd casseroles in containers with lids, a variety of muffins and pies, fragrant coffee and much more can be seen in the packaging made by Formacia in the cooking departments of the most famous shops.

Guaranteed Reliability

Stability of deliveries, fulfilment of contractual obligations and development of long-term partnerships are the key points of the efforts of Formacia.

These qualities are especially appreciated in co-operation with retail trade networks. That is why we have been chosen by key federal and regional retail players for more than 10 years.

Marketing Activity

  • Design of places of sale
  • Granting of discounts
  • Yellow price tag
  • Gift for purchase
  • Promotions 1 + 1 = 3

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In 2016, we developed FOODINNI, a range of disposable tableware sets, aluminium containers and paper moulds specifically for retail customers.

FOODINNI is an indispensable solution for every kitchen. Disposable dishes are essential for holidays, receptions and outdoor events: save time and enjoy your holiday.

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Why Us?

The products are of consistently high quality, which are required on the market, and combine a number of advantages for customers:

  • No need to wash
  • Convenient to take with you
  • Convenient to warm up
  • Convenient to cook
  • No need for oil lubrication
  • Space-saving storage in the refrigerator
  • Ideal to freeze portions of vegetables, mushrooms and berries