Baking paper

Baking paper

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Baking paper is a special kind of thick paper that does not absorb moisture and fats. Baking paper offered by our company is made from 100% natural raw materials and thanks to double-sided silicone treatment it does not stick to the dough or to the baking dish, as well as eliminates the need for greasing the baking sheet.

Baking paper is well suited for use in the production field and marketing of confectionery and bakery products, as well as for home use.

Methods of application of the Baking paper:

  • For baking;
  • for packaging foods containing fat and moisture, such as butter, cheese products, sandwiches, ready-made meat, fish meals, etc .;
  • for packaging products under refrigeration.

The physical properties of baking paper provide a long-term protection of the product from drying out and moisture, preventing the deterioration of smell and taste. Baking paper can be used in microwave ovens.
It is suitable for multiple use (up to 10 production cycles).

The "Formacia" company offers you a siliconized Baking paper. This product has earned a wide and well-deserved popularity among professional chefs all over the world as it is ideal for baking or cooking other foods. In addition, it is also great for packaging and storage of deep frozen prepared food.

Separation properties of Silidor exceed the capacity of conventional varieties of baking paper several times. Two layers of food-grade silicone effectively prevent burning of the lower layers of dough and do not require additional greasing of the dish. This property fully excludes the use of margarines and fats. It allowed the Silidor Baking paper to prove itself well in the production of confectionery products which do not contain cholesterol and have a low calorie content.

Our products can be purchased at sales offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg or ordered from our branches in the cities of Krasnoyarsk, Petrozavodsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg.