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Paper moulds are ideal for use both for baking sweet and bakery products, and for transportation or sale of these products. They are used for making pies and cakes, strudels and muffins, rolls, pizzas, etc. Any semi-finished products can also be stored, thawed and baked in the disposable paper moulds.

One of the most popular ways of use of disposable paper moulds is baking the pastry. We offer to buy paper moulds for cupcakes in St. Petersburg, with an economically advantageous delivery to other regions of Russia. You can see such moulds with cakes and muffins baked in them at almost each restaurant, coffee shop, gas station, and fast-food network.

The secret of universality of the moulds lies in the material they are made from. It is grease repellent water-resistant high-density paper (75-150 g / m²). Thus the disposable paper moulds have excellent heat resistance and retain the original appearance even at the highest temperature inside the furnace.

Advantages of paper moulds:

  • Multi-functionality.

    Paper moulds are used at the same time for preparation, transportation, refrigerated storage, warming and serving dishes. Universal in use, they are suitable both for the food field of industrial giants and household.

  • Wide operating temperature range.

    Paper moulds tolerate both the heat of the furnace and the cold of freezing chamber equally well. Operating temperature range is between -40°C to + 220°C. Also, baking moulds also can be used for freezing.

  • Possibility of use in microwave ovens.

    Moulds are suitable for use in ovens and microwave ovens.

  • The optimum baking process.

    When baking the bakery products the paper moulds allow passing heat from all sides, thanks to which they are making faster and more uniform and at that they do not burn. A cooling time of the final product is significantly reduced.

  • Grease proofness and fat resistance.

    Paper moulds hold the moisture and absorb excess fats. Depending on the production technology and material they have high grease proofness or fat resistance.

  • There is no need for greasing.

    The special surface acts like an oil coating between the mould walls and the pastry. Therefore, paper moulds do not need to be greased or sprinkled. During baking the dough does not burn and does not stick to the mould, and the pastry is easily extracted from it after preparation.

  • Environmental compatibility.

The material for the paper moulds is absolutely safe, non-toxic and recyclable.

The range of paper moulds of the "Formacia" company is the following:

Our products can be purchased at sales offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg or ordered form our branches in the cities of Krasnoyarsk, Petrozavodsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg.