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Paper cups are widely spread all around the world. Due to their undeniable advantages they grow in popularity in the Russian market as well, going ahead of their plastic competitor.

There are many options of how to use disposable paper cups. They can be used not only as a tray for hot and cold drinks, but also as a package for milk and dry goods.

The major companies-consumers of the paper cups are:

  • airlines;
  • catering companies;
  • vending companies;
  • fast food and snack bars chains;
  • coffee houses and restaurants, including for implementation of a popular “take away” service;
  • advertising agencies;
  • organizers of promotions and other mass events;
  • cinema theaters (for popcorn);
  • manufacturers of sunflower seeds, ice cream, yoghurts, instant food (noodles, mashed potatoes, soups, porridges), etc.

The advantages of paper cups use:

  • Environmental compatibility.

    The cups are made of natural raw material, they are easy to dispose of and can be recycled for the second time.

  • Non-toxicity.

    Paper is safe for human health. Compared to plastic, when it is heated it does not emit an odour, does not change the taste and quality of a beverage.

  • Low conductivity.

    Due to low conductivity, double-layer paper cups are not heated too much from their hot content and do not burn the hands, only maintaining the temperature of the content.

  • Usability.

    The paper cup is easy and convenient to use, it does not become deformed, does not slide out of hands, and there is no need to wash it.

  • An aesthetic appearance and pleasant tactual sensations.

    Tactual sensations of a touch to paper during testing of a drink is more pleasant than of the touch to plastic or glass.

  • Efficient Ad space.

    The possibility of applying a high-quality full-colour printing allows you to make disposable cups bright and colourful, to place any image, slogan or logo. A paper cup with an original design is a perfect tool for creation of the company’s image or brand.

  • Hygiene.

    Physical properties of the paper cups exclude their re-use.

In May 2012, the “Formacia” company launched a new production line for production of disposable paper cups.

The manufacturing of white paper cups

Disposable paper cups of the “Formacia” company are made of thin laminated cardboard with heat treatment of the laminated layer when gluing the seams. The modern technologies of our production allow us to make the cups with one-sided or double-sided lamination.

  • The cups with single-sided lamination are mainly used for coffee, tea and other hot drinks. The lamination inside the cup prevent from soaking and protects against the leakages.
  • The cups with double-sided lamination are used for drinking cold drinks. The lamination of the outer side of the cup

In the production of paper cups we use only high quality cardboard of the world's leading manufacturers.

The printing on the outer side of the cups is carried by the offset and flexoprint methods with the use of non-migratory paints or water based paints that comply with European standards.

The original and memorable design of the double-layer cups of the “Formacia” company meets the latest global trends.*

As a set we offer the plates and lids for paper cups made of various materials, as well as special cardboard holders (cup carrier), a perfect solution for easy carrying of multiple cups at the same time. Such disposable paper cups with lid for coffee perfectly suit sidewalk cafes and shops with fast food.

* At the request of a Client it is possible to manufacture the paper cups and cardboard holders with individual design or without printing (white).

You can buy our disposable paper cups in the offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg or order from our branches in the cities of Krasnoyarsk, Petrozavodsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg.