Smoothwall aluminum trays

Smoothwall aluminum trays

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Smoothwall aluminum tray is a new and perspective type of disposable food package in Russia.

This type of trays is made of special alloys, which gives them a special strength. The sides of the tray have a completely flat and smooth surface, that’s why they can be hermetically sealed with foil or a plate made of foil.

The resulting tray for sealing is made of smoothwall aluminum tray (smoothwall) will be not only strong and tight, but also environmentally safe. By the projections of analysts, smooth-walled metal trays for sealing will become a strong competitor in plastic trays for sealing with the film in the next 5 years due to the arrival of Western fashion for ecological compatibility.

Smoothwall aluminum containers and trays for sealing, which are mainly used for package chilled or marinated meat, poultry and fish, and refrigerated semi-finished products and semi-finished products of high readiness.

Smoothwall aluminum trays   Smoothwall aluminum trays   Smoothwall aluminum trays
Today, we mostly think about the correctness and diversity of our diet as we wish food was not only tasty but also healthy. Unfortunately, most of us have to grab a bite "on the run", sitting in the office or while driving a car.

Chilled semi-finished products and semi-finished products of high readiness is a new and rapidly developing direction of catering in the Russian market. These are the dishes ready to be cooked, heated (prepared) or for use.

They are packed so that by just removing the tape and without removing the product from the package, you need to put the tray into microwave, oven or on the barbeque grill. After cooking, the dish can be served right from the tray. The food retains its freshness, magnificent aroma and useful properties, and its taste does not differ from the taste of home-cooked dishes, because you prepare the food in the tray and not just heat it.

In smoothwall containers and trays for sealing you will be able to:

  • make a stuffed duck for dinner, without removing it from its sealed package;
  • cook a cool lasagna;
  • make a barbecue of marinated meat (the tray can be placed directly on the barbecue grill or coal);
  • reheat cooked soup, staying at the office (due to its hardness, the tray serves as a great alternative to a soup plate);
  • defrost, heat and serve a hot dessert creme brulee in the tray of individual or family size.

Smooth-wall aluminum trays for food is the package designed for the different stages of interaction with the product:

The storage of chilled products and semi-finished products of a high degree of preparedness.

Smooth-wall trays are widely used in the manufacture of products with an extended storage period. They are suitable for applying the technology of product package in modified gas atmosphere (MGA) and controlled gas atmosphere (CGA), which increases the storage period of the product and allows you to store it refrigerated for up to 30 days. Smooth-wall trays are suitable for vacuum package and, can be subjected to sterilization, if necessary.

Factory package of the manufacturer is a guarantee of quality and authenticity of products, and the hermetic seal of the tray provides reliable protection against leakages.

Bringing to preparedness of the chilled semi-finished products (including semi-finished products of a high degree of preparedness) and product preparation.

For the preparation of the product it is necessary just to remove the protective film and place the tray with contents in the oven, microwave, barbeque grill or coals. The ability to avoid contact with human hands in a product is convenient for the user and minimizes the time spent on cooking.

Heating of the product.

To heat the product it is necessary only to remove the protective film and place the tray in a microwave. A heated dish can be served right from the tray.

Storage of semi-finished products of a deep-freeze.

Smooth-wall aluminum trays for seal are shockproof in case of deep freeze, so they serve as a great package for storage of frozen semi-finished products.

The solid design of the trays allows you to use thinner cardboard for boxes and sleeve wrappers during the subsequent design of the finished product. Moreover, the information necessary for the consumer can be put on a sticker and placed on a hermetically sealed film or plate, excluding the cost for a cardboard box.

The company “Formacia” produces the smooth-wall aluminium trays for sealing of all the shapes and sizes, in diverse colouring with a special lacquered finish and stamping of logo of the company of the Client.

sealable tray   sealable tray   sealable tray

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