Lamister trays

Lamister trays

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Lamister tray is a smooth-wall tray made of aluminium with a polypropylene finish.

Its name has been obtained from a two-layer combined material called lamister, used in the production of the tray.

The lightness, compactness, durability and ease of lamister make them a great alternative to standard tin and glass pots. They are used extensively as semi-rigid tin packaging.
Lamister trays are used for the packing of meat and fish canned food, pastes, jams, nuts, cheese spread, condensed milk, baby food, pet food, etc.

The advantages of lamister trays over the standard cans:

  • ​have a more aesthetic appearance;
  • do not require special tools for opening and eliminate the possibility of injury;
  • provide more extended storage period of the product in an unsealed package: the inner walls of lamister trays are not corrodible under the influence of air;
  • maintain their integrity even under serious deformation; are lighter and more compact, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

Lamister trays are sealed with foil-coated lids (plates) or are packed in shrink-wrap film.

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